How to Talk to Your Teenager

How to explain to your teen about coming to counseling

Counseling is a safe place to express your thoughts and feelings to someone that is neutral. The counselor is there to give you her full attention and listen to what you have to say. Her job is to help you figure out how to deal with the things that are making it to tough to be happy. The first time we go, Amie will ask some questions about the things that are going well and the things that you wish would change. She wants to hear about what you want and what you think holds you back. She can help us look for solutions to problems, figure out how to deal with the things we can’t fix, and learn ways to cope with the tough feelings. What you talk to Amie about is private, but she also helps families learn how to listen to each other and communicate better. (See confidentiality issues for privacy information). It’s your (the teen’s) job to interview Amie to make sure she is the person that you are comfortable talking to about the stuff that is going on. Let’s go and give this a shot and we can talk about how you felt about it after you meet with her.