Niamh Kennaugh, MSW

Niamh Kennaugh, MSW

I consider myself very fortunate in that I knew from a young age I wanted to be in the helping profession.

With the close of this past school year, I completed my eighth year as an educator. I dedicated those eight years to students with unique abilities whom required ESE services and supports. Over the past eight years, the families that I have worked with have been incredibly brave and vulnerable in sharing their experiences through which I witnessed a great need outside of the four walls of my classroom. It is for that reason that I see counseling as a natural extension of my education career.

My experience in education has provided me with a strong foundation in behavior modification, positive intervention behavior plans, social skills training, individualized interventions, executive functioning skills, IEP advocacy, instructional interventions, and creative goal setting.

My students, their families, and my passions propelled me to pursue continuing education and I graduated this past May with my Masters of Social Work. My education provided me with an opportunity to log over 1,000 hours of clinical work as an MSW Student Intern at Rogers Behavioral Health in Tampa where I worked with adolescents and adults experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood disorders, substance use, and OCD.

My goal as a clinician is to provide you with a safe and empowering space where we can collaborate and explore areas that you have identified as needing healing or growth.

You are your own expert and I look forward to providing you with the tools, skills, and support to have a more enriching and satisfying life.